A serious problem with our Form 1+

Since a few weeks ago, prints from our printer always started to have ‘rashing and ragging’ (referred to Formlab website), but only in the direction of front-back. As seen in the photos, rashing and ragging only appear on two sides of the testing rods, with other two sides smooth. Since the ragging only happens in one direction, it looks like there is some overcuring in that direction and after a few layers of accumulation, the print would peel the overcured piece. So it should not be the problem of resin. I tried my best to clean the optical path: the tank, the big mirror, the smaller mirror, and using cotton swabs to slightly clean the two little mirrors on galvanometer. But it still exists.
The printer had leaking before, so it might be because some irremovable chemical accumulation on mirrors? Or the mirror on galvanometer controlling the direction of front-back oscillates irregularly and makes some overcuring?

Thanks for the troubleshooting you’ve done so far. Correcting optical issues with the Form 1+ can sometimes be a bit of a challenge and our support team is going to be best suited to help out. I’ve reached out to our team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help troubleshoot.

Is that the Castable resin? It looks like you need to stir the resin a lot more before printing, the pigment is separating from the resin and that will affect how it prints.

Firstly, I stirred it very well. Second, the ragging happened only in one direction and almost no in the other. Third, I tried 3 types of resins, they all have this same problem.

Anyone have any idea???

I may have missed answers to some of my questions, sorry if I did:
Is your printer still under warranty?

As @Frew stated, optical issues can be tricky. Sometimes they are relatively easy to identify the issue so I have a few questions.

You said that you had a resin spill (leak), what got resin on it? If it was the main mirror, was it replaced?

Have you reached out to tech support? What did they have you do to try to resolve this issue?

Since you said that all 3 resins show the same issue, are you using the same vat or have you tried 3 different vats? What 3 resins are you using.

You said that you cleaned the mirrors, was this following FL’s suggestion? If not, how did you clean them? Please type out your procedure.

Your pillar test print is a bit perplexing. You have a clear tower with blue ragging and rashing. Did you dip it to better show us or is that actually how it came off the printer?

The SN of the printer is: FreshOmnivore. I am not sure if it is still in warranty.

I do not think there was any resin splashed onto the mirrors, so none of them got replaced as well.

You mean the leaking? Yes, I reached the tech support, and they send me a new tank. But the newer tank also got cracking after a few times use. The final solution to it is to use a glass tank offered by Z-vat.

I tried two types of vat: the glass vat and a brand new form1+ vat. The 3 resins I was using is: Our own transparent resin, makejuice G+ red, and formlabs castable reisn. All the three resins show a similar result.

Yes, I think I followed all the suggestions. I used the IPA soaked kimwipes and Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes, basically just wipe the mirrors thoroughly and wipe a few times. The two little mirrors, I just use a cotton swab to gently rub it.

THe clear pillar soaked with blue resin, which was pretty random. I just put the trash prints together and they got contact to each other.

I would open a support ticket and reference this thread so they can help get you printing again.

Though I do not believe FL will replace a vat that has been damaged by 3rd party resin, you said that you have a vat that has cracked with FL castable. That is obviously an issue that FL should sort out.

FL cannot test the printer with 3rd party resins. But if you are getting ragging and rashing with FL resin in a new FL vat, you have a bigger issue. I suggest finding out if the printer is in warranty. It sounds like it is going to need to take a trip for service.

Cleaning the galvo mirrors with a cotton swab is a bad idea.


Yes, FL tank has been cracked by FL castable resin. I also had another FL vat that has been cracked by my own resin. I requested a support for this issue, and it was already closed. The support ticket number is (#96490). You may found it. So, anyway, we figure out the solution is to use the glass tank.

And yes. FL castable resin (the only Fl resin we have) on a brand new FL vat showed exactly the same ragging and rashing as other resins on other tanks.

I know it was not a good idea. I just gently touched it, but it did not solve the problem.

Is there any one updates on this? I am afraid it will be closed in a few days.

Has FL given you the mirror cleaning instructions? Have they said anything else?

I cannot look at FL tickets as I do not work for them. They are always the best ones to assist with troubleshooting but asking the community for assistance is a good backup.

@Frew, can FL provide any insight?

No one gave me a mirror cleaning instruction. I just followed some information from this forum. At beginning, the leaking did not affect the mirror.

Are you actively working with support?
If no, I would open a new support ticket and have them directly assist in troubleshooting. Waiting for someone from tech support to visit the forum is not really effective.
If yes, can you elaborate on the conversations you are having with them.

There is no live support running. Last one about the leaking was close for a long time. So please open a support ticket for me.


For whatever it’s worth, I swear there are instructions somewhere on here where it says they advise 91% IPA and PEC Pads…there was even a graphic. I don’t have it handy because it was a while back.

There may be instructions on the forum. BUT regardless, anyone needing them should open a support ticket and ask FL for them. They will gladly supply them after some basic troubleshooting is done.

Take a small light and inspect the mirrors. Definitely looks like dust being the culprit. Good chance it may be on one of the galvos but it could also be the small mirror just below them.
I have cleaned mine a few times, you need to follow the instructions carefully and to a t. They are delicate.

I keep my machine covered all the time except when printing and that has solved any dust and haze issued on the optics.

Yes, that is the one I followed. And it tells it works great…

I also tried to clean the small mirror below the galvos. My concern is still more on the irregular vibrating on one of the glavo mirrors. I guess the irregularity becomes more and more severe because I found some of my Effiel towels showing assymetry on x-y plane, and finally it became visible and impossible to print.

A bad galvo stepper would do that too. Wonder why the machine doesn’t have an error code for that?