3D printed action figure Bionic Bjoern and Scout

Here is another figure based on an old Softimage 3D model that I turned into an action figure with the help of Modo. I did not only add the articulation but also changed the design and proportions quite a bit. Especially on the torso.
What I like about this figure is that it fits into a lot of other 3 3/4 inch action figure lines. Printed on a Form2 printer with durable resin. Hand painted by me.
I also gave the figure a new backstory:
In the year 2025 the world is overrun by zombies. Mankind’s only hope lies with a secret Canadian military program: The Bionic Bjoerns. These cybernetic clone warriors made from Viking DNA are sent all across the globe to rescue scattered non infected humans and eradicate the zombie thread.



I really like the clean painting you’ve done and the mechanical design of his robot side. I wouldn’t mind seeing a version where hes got an angry menacing look on his face with veins popping out of his neck too.

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3D Printed Bionic Bjoern Scout
This is a variation of my previous Bionic Bjoern figure. This one has transforming bionic feet that become wheels. He also has 2 human arms, a helmet and a new shoulder mounted minigun.
The scouts trade firepower for mobility. Their mission is to find survivors of the zombie apocalypse and escort them safely to the remaining human outposts. They are also used to patrol the remaining highways between the outposts.

Pretty awesome job. Are you selling these somewhere?

How did you handle the articulation points to last a few or a lot of moves? :smiley:

I do not sell my modeles but I just release a couple of other models for free FREE 3D actions figures for the Form2
The durable material is quite good for making joints.

Great work! Thanks for the free files. I’ll try printing them since the Form2 is idle at the time.
Are you still using Softimage?
What colors are you using to paint them?

Sorry for replying so late. I did not get notified of new messages for this thread. I use Modo these days. In fact with this 3D model I did use Modo to convert it into an action figure. I paint with Citadel colors from Games Workshop.