3 shape splint problem

hi, i’m working at denture and night guard department at small dental lab. We’ve fabricated night guard manually for long time, and started to learn 3 shape lately. We’re facing a big problem with the printed thermoflex splints. The posterior side of splint is too loose and does not create any retention. When i put the splint on model first time(right after curing), it feels quite tight, and i can’t feel any looseness, but when i do the procedures of ‘taking off and put it back on the model’ few times, the posterior side becomes so loose. I didn’t do anything weird, just put it in the warm water to make it easy to take it off and put it back on the model to check the retention value. Just one thing that i suspect as the cause is the design of the splint. At the final step of splint studio where we trim the splint, i can see the edge of buccal side is tilted outside rather than going inside(towards teeth), and i can see the gap between teeth and splint when i look from below. I tried to remove all the block out wax, but it still happens. We’ve tried so many things to fix this problem, but still cannot find the solution. If anyone can help us, it’s going to be so grateful.

Hi @Paragnnjj,

I’m sorry to hear about the quality issue you encountered with the splints you’ve been fabricating. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing photos demonstrating the issue. They would be able to narrow down whether there is a printer-specific problem or whether something else could be going on.

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