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  1. I want to build straight from the platform, but also have supports for the rest of the print. I don’t see an obvious way to do this, any suggestions?
  2. When starting a quick print, the model goes to one corner of the build platform, and does not print in the area designated in the software. How can I ensure control in this regard?

Just started printing after buying some time ago.


  1. There’s an “on build platform” tickbox on the last version of preform just for that :wink:

  2. don’t use quick print, it’s a good way to not have failed prints but it’s also a good way to ensure sub-optimal results.
    Always orient manually or tweak after automatic orientation, then add supports automatically and tweak/check manually as well. Last stage is placing the model where you want it.
    I guess you could also use the quick print option and cancel once the printer selection window appears, then move the model where you want it but… really, you shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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