1:16 E-100 Tank Project

Two weeks or so ago I finally started with my longterm 1:16 scale E-100 Tank Project.

Depending on my last-minute decision it’ll look like one of these examples ( none by me ):
Maus Turret:

Henschel Turret:

StuG Casemate:

The majority of the parts with simple shapes, like the Hull and Turret, will be CNC Milled out of either scale appropriate ( 4-13mm thick ) ABS, PS, or PVC sheets of plastic depending on the response I get from a manufacturer which is the easiest to CNC Mill and further post process.

Everything else with more complex geometry, like the Tracks and Wheels, though will have to be 3D Printed which is where my Form³ ( and an i3 MK3S ) will come into play like with this Moneyshot of the finished Tracks and the first set of Wheels:

For those interested: A more in-depth documentation on Imgur I’ll be updating as I come along…

Cheers! =)

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