What Material for Tank Drivetrain?

I’m currently in the thought process of making an RC 1:16 PzKpfw E-100 similar to the RC Tamiya King Tiger, RC Leopard 2A6 and Display Gepard 1A2 I already own but since there is no E-100 model available at that scale I’ll have to do one entirely myself.

I plan to make good use of my X-Carve for the majority of the hull but for stuff like the Drivetrain ( Sprocket, Road Wheels, Tension Wheel, Tracks ) I’d certainly like to use my Form 2 but I’m uncertain about the material choice for these parts.

Take the Sprocket of a King Tiger ( similar to the E-100’s ) as an example:
Should I go for Grey Pro, Tough or Durable?

How about the Tracks like, again, those of a King Tiger?:

Any suggestions?

if you are gonna actually RUN the tank with an actual motor- then Tough resin, or Durable

Grey pro or Rigid would be my choice. Both of these will be pretty stable.

I’ve been running some of the rigid resin on a mold Project I have. It’s pretty good under load and has surprisingly good impact strength once it’s cured and heat cycled a few times in the press.

If you want functional parts I would make a master part in grey pro, cast a silicone mold and then make parts in pewter or some other low temp metal.

I concur with @Sculptingman : Tough or Durable, with a personnal preference for Tough.

Well cured Tough is pretty rigid, unlike Durable, and I feel like Grey Pro would break just like Standard resins based on the TDS alone (I haven’t tried this resin yet).

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