Tough 2000 Resin & Part Lifespan?

Hey everybody!:wave:

I’m wondering what your thoughts are about being able to use parts printed in the newer Tough 2000 Resin And if you think it could work and last over time. I am wanting to print some parts for custom products we are working on.

Since the newer Tough 2000 resin is closer to ABS I’m wondering if painting it to protect it from further UV curing if it could be used for parts that don’t have much strain on them.

Basically, can I rely on painted Touch 2000 parts to not start falling apart after a few months or years?

I know I can make molds and inject ABS but I would love to not have to take that extra step if possible.

I’ve had samples of Tough and Ridgid parts Formlabs sent out a few years ago and its all still looking good and stable although it hasn’t been outside under the sun the whole time.

I also know the guys making Model Train parts are selling their parts worldwide. Not sure what they tell their customers about lifespan and brittleness of the parts they sell.

Any advice or feedback is appreciated.

I would be interested in learning this as well. The original Tough was totally worthless and would deform rapidly, if you could even get a warp-free print out of it. I’ve been using Grey Pro almost exclusively for parts that need to be durable and long-lasting.

We tell them nothing, because a/ the parts are always going to be painted and b/ the cane are good that whatever I sell will be squirrelled away in a draw for years* before it is finished.

  • I often have to answer questions about sprouts that I have not produced for at least 10 years.