First Form³ Pints

My first Form³ prints just finished:

As I’m currently rebuilding my Tamiya #56020 Leopard 2A6 Full Option RC Model into a Leopard 2A7+ some parts couldn’t be recovered thus needed to be recreated from scratch.

What you’re basically looking at are the bases of the towing hardpoints and some non-functional hinges/locks for a decor hatch printed at 100μ - 35min print time plus another 15min for the first batch of Resin to fill the Tank xD.

Some black contamination happened in the IPA Bath though I couldn’t care less about that at the moment.
Very pleased with the outcome.


Came here expecting beer.
Was disappointed.


Common typo… My sincerest apologies for not meeting your expectations ;D

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Very nice!

Made some Parts for my Tamiya 1:16 Flakpanzer Gepard 1A2 I’ve converted from a Static Model into a Full-Option RC one.

Parts assembled ( about 95mm long ):

Parts off the Plattform ( ~7h print time ):

Reference Photo ( only one I could find that was usable ):

Maybe I should consider getting into Photoetching parts myself ;D