XY fine tuning Form 2


Fairly new user here with a Form 2. We build a lot of prototype housings that will eventually be made out of injection molded plastic. I have had great luck with surface finish and build success.

I have a question about the XY fine tuning and what it does. The problem we are having is we will have a male and female part. They will have clearance modeled in them, usually .002" per side. When I go to build the male part is always large and the female part is small. The overall scale is close but off by about the same amount the bosses/features are off. It seems like we are not compensating for the beam width. The parts are roughly .0025" per side or roughly the radius of the laser spot. So the parts, no matter size/shape seem to build .005" overall big or small depending on if they are male or female respectively.

My short term solution has been to make the bosses smaller in diameter which works but some geometry gets complex and would take an extensive amount of time to modify in CAD.

So my question what does the X/Y fine tuning on the machine actually do? Does it simply scale the part or does it change the compensation of the beam (like a cutter comp on a CNC)? My assumption by reading the message on the Form 2 itself is it scales the whole part. If that is the case, is there a way to apply a beam compensation or “cutter comp” during slicing.



Hi Joe, you are correct: X/Y fine tuning scales things and does not dilate/erode them. Your best bet at the moment is to add clearance in your model.

Thanks Ben. Would it be prudent to ask for a “Line width” or “Beam width” comp feature in the Preform Software request portion of the forum?