No more X/Y fine tuning?

Is there no way to adjust the X and Y “laser path compression” on the Form 2, similar to how you could do so on the Form 1+?

I was able to tune my Form 1+ for better dimensional accuracy than it shipped with. I did a print on the Form 2 today and noticed it was off by at least 1.1% in one dimension. I will do some more testing, but it’ll be a bit embarrassing if my prints on the Form 2 yield worse accuracy for small parts than the ones off my Form 1+… (especially seeing as the Form 2 takes a lot longer to print them). No need for support yet, just wondering if there’s a way to adjust (or if it’s coming soon). Thanks!

Great question, Richard. From the sounds of it, you’re getting some unexpected dimensional variation, which certainly merits looking into further.

As of now, the printer’s firmware allows adjusting the height of the build platform with fine tuning. It’s on the touchscreen, rather than in PreForm. There’s not a feature to fine tune X or Y dimensions for the Form 2 in the current firmware. We’d love to see what accuracy you find with additional testing, and if you do want further help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Appreciate the quick response, Stephen. When I get a chance I’ll run some more rigorous tests on both my Form 1+ and Form 2 to investigate. Don’t get me wrong - I do love the quality of the prints coming out of my Form 2. But I’m a perfectionist, and after seeing how much the fine tuning helped on the Form 1+, was a bit disappointed I couldn’t similarly calibrate my Form 2.

Any chance you could elaborate on the rationale for removing the X/Y fine tuning? e.g. Does the Form 2 have some kind of self-calibration enhancements that were deemed to make it unnecessary?

It wasn’t necessarily removed; it’s more that it hasn’t been added. Since the Form 2 is an entirely different machine, the X/Y scaling feature wouldn’t be completely identical. I can totally see how the fact it’s not there catches you by surprise in learning the new printer. Sorry about that!

The various fine tuning options were introduced incrementally for Form 1+, as we saw users needing more… well, more fine tuning. :wink: We know there can be slight variations between resin tank and build platform alignment, which is the reason we already included Z height fine tuning in Form 2 firmware. From what I know, we weren’t sure altogether if X/Y fine tuning would be ever be useful or necessary on the Form 2.

Since this would be a new feature for Form 2, would you mind if I move this Form 2 X/Y scaling topic to the “feature requests” category? Once you have the results from your testing, this would also be great follow-up data for developers.

Sure thing, go ahead, thanks! Appreciate the background info, too.

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