Wrinkled surface

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I need your help! I got a form 1+ last week and in these days I had some time to play with it, but I got prints with wrinkled surface. I was using the clear resin and everything was ok, yesterday I swithced to the black one and the prints are not good at all! One side came out with wrinkle on the surface and the other one without! So, today I went back to the clear resin and now I got the same with this resin as well.

The black resin is around 10/12 months old and the clear one is only 6 months old. Do you think that this is due to old resins? Or maybe might be due to the tank?even though there is no clouding on it.

Here you can see the prints


It looks like the mirrors might be dusty, check the large mirror and see if that’s the case, hopefully it’s not the galvo mirrors inside.

As far as the resin goes, just make sure to mix it up fully before using it. If it’s already in the tray, then use the scraper to stir it around.

I would recommend trying a new resin tank and inspecting your mirrors as outlined here:

Also keep in mind that resin expires after about 1 year. If you are still having issues after these steps, get in contact with our support team so they can help you out.


Thanks @Zachary_Brackin and @Jory for your suggestions. I just checked the first mirror and there is dust on it. I will try to clean it properly before to go for a new tank and bottle of resin (that’s an expensive solution to test out :wink:) also because the clear resin is only 6 months old and the tank doesn’t show any sign of “ageing”!

If, after the cleaning, I get any further issue in printing I will contact the support team!

Thanks again,

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