Would a hollow teeth or support be helpful to the finishing?

I imagine that adding a hollow teeth or support function to the Preform with wall thickness option will help the finishing. As we all see there are many dots bumper up or into the surface of the print, yes they can be carefully snapped or sanded but all the surface information in the dot area are gone because nothing was printed inside the area that the teeth and the print object meet, though it is very small but when it happen to a highly detailed side of the model, like a little toe or finger, it looks bad. If the contact surface is not a dot but a thin ring, the surface inside the ring is printed as well, information inside the ring is kept. We just need to sand the ring out and it will look exactly like the 3d model that’s printed.How about the strength of a hollow tooth or support, I think because the tooth or the support is sealed both end, it will keep the uncured resin inside the hollow space without air (I have printed something hollow before and the inside was full of uncured resin), which will suck the print just like a solid one will do.  If the whole support is hollow too, it will even speed up the printing, When remove the support the uncured resin will be gone and leave the inside of the “ring” untouched, and a tiny thin ring can be sanded out very easily.

I made a drawing to express the hollow teeth/support.