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I’m looking to get a Form3+ very soon. I’m trying to figure a ;about for my studio shop. Not a big room but will have two other ‘large’ printers (i.e. Ender 5 Plus and a Prusa XL). So space optimization will be critical.

What kind of layout is everyone using with a finishing kit and curing station? Can anything be reasonably stacked at all?

From my experience, All the devices need access from above, on the printer to open de cover and insert the resin tank. On the curing to open de lid. And more importantly if you use the washing device, cause it opens automatically. For printer and curing you can consider a tray arrangement, that allows you to open partially the dors of the machines, and if needed slide them out of their shlef-space and open completely.
For me, they are the three devices side by side, nothing above, and materials, accessoires, and other devices go below. Manual cleaning is done in front of the machine (same table) but i know colleagues thy arranged a sliding shelf on the same shelving system for handling parts and transfer between printer-cleaning and curing.


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