Will Form2 pause to let me add another resin cartridge during a print?

Will my Form 2 ask me to add another resin cartridge if I run out during a print?

Yes. I’ve actually done this.

Stops with a resin dispense error and you can change the cartridge and continue.

Okay great! I have another cartridge, and will be close by. 13 hour print.

I echo FredB’s response. I also have done this. In addition, I have paused a print because the “resin dispensing claw” was not working to squeeze open the feed nozzle of the cartridge, and I could see that the machine was going to stop the print due to low resin tank level. In that case, I just removed the cartridge, opened the printer cover and manually poured resin into the tank, put the cartridge back into place, then resumed the print job.

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Agree with the other guys on this being possible. In fact, if you open the lid or remove the cartridge mid print the machine will automatically pause the print (so you don’t have to pause it manually if you don’t want to do the extra step).

Related to Kens comment on the cartridge “quick disconnect” (the little circular rubber outlet on the bottom of the tank) - I installed a brand new cartridge that wouldn’t dispense last week. Upon closer inspection the slot in the quick disconnect wasn’t fully cut and this was preventing resin from flowing out of the cartridge and into the tray. A quick slice with a razor fixed the problem. So if you ever have a tank that won’t dispense I’d recommend checking the rubber quick disconnect first.

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There is a PAUSE button on the touch screen, why not use that?