Why my form2 print always fail?

sorry for my bad english.
my form2 always print fail when i let it lie idle a half month.
i using clearV4 resin and LT resin tank. i try clearn resin tank and glass window. and try filter my resin. but all useless.
all of its failed printing modules have a round base and some resin bebris.
i dont know how to repair it. and cant connect to support cuz my city havent formlabs serivce center.
does someone who can help me? thanks.
here are the link that show my failed printing things and modules. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ap5MFN5_exgVgZYUF21msTTdS3r-Cg?e=cs81k0

I would suggest draining the tank into the cartridge, and vigorously shaking the cartridge.

I suspect that the long sitting time has separated the compounds in the resin similar to how oil and water will eventually separate into layers.

[Edit] Just saw the images from the link and I’m 99% sure that either this is the problem, or that the resin is now expired. I’ve had the same problem before when trying to get the absolure last drop out of multiple cartridges, but kept getting those kind of prints.

Also, something that I do once fixing some issue is gradually rebuild my confidence in the setup, kinda as if you were testing the machine for the first time.