Why FormLabs? just...Why?

So I haven’t used my Form2 in several months, maybe more. Why, in the name of all that is holy, has the feature to integrate, (even load manually!) load, the heatmap onto the bottom of the display box in PreForm not been worked out yet?

That display already has obvious graphics thrown onto the bottom, where the grid is. Why can you not make even a manual load of a jpg onto the bottom where the grid is to display the heatmap image? Even if I have to manually download the heatmap as a jpg and load it into PreForm to go on the bottom of the display…that would be great!

Please don’t say that this is available with a new product you have coming out or that’s already coming out. There are already a lot of customers using the Form2, because that’s what they can afford (somewhat). PLEASE just let us load a jpg/png onto the bottom of the display box! Even if it’s not 100% accurate.

I know this has been talked about. Why is it not done yet?


User kevinduhe mocks this feature up perfectly in this thread.

Probably because with LT and the new F3 tanks you can forget about the heatmap.

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