Why does rigid material need to be washed in separate bucket?

It states on the material wash page that rigid material should be washed in a separate bucket from other materials.

The Form Wash Station holds 2 gallons of IPA. That’s a lot of IPA to schlep around when you are changing materials for one or two parts. I understand the need for separate bucket on the ceramic (particle contamination) but what are the ramifications for rigid parts if washed in the same bucket as tough (which is what we use 99% of the time)?

It’s because it has tiny glass particles which could then be deposited onto other parts. That’s what I read at least, I haven’t seen any info indicating that there would by any other ill effect and I personally do not wash Rigid part in another bucket, I just throw everything in the Wash, for now nothing bad to report…

Have you tried washing it all in the same bucket?

We did and black standard resin parts had a lot of white particles on them.

No I am not using Black anymore so I wouldn’t know. I’m mainly printing Grey Pro, Grey, Tough and Rigid these days.

It seems logical that white particles could be deposited onto other parts, it just isn’t an issue for me if it happens so as long as there are no other ill effects I’m fine with that.

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