Form Wash - separate wash tubs?

So the Form Wash that I just received recommends separate baskets and wash tubs for different resins. However there is no way to purchase these 2 parts on their own and a wash tub needs 2 gallons of IPA.

Do I really need to change out the wash tub IPA to switch washing my different resins???

I normally use Black and Durable for all my customers.

Many thanks for the help. Be a real pain if I have to drain out 2 gallons of IPA and replace it to switch from one resin to another.

If you’re switching from a light coloured resin to a dark coloured one, or the IPA didn’t soak in too much pigment yet, no. The only issue with keeping the same bucket is potential pigment contamination, otherwise it’s fine.

There was a theory that mixing the IPA from different resins causes the little pits/dusting on certain resins (black and grey v3/4), but i’ve had that even with fresh-from-the-bottle IPA, so i don’t think it has any relevance.

So my Durable prints might get tinted black from my Black prints is the biggest possible problem? Just checking if I have the possible issue correct

To my knowledge (and from my experience), yes, that’s pretty much all that can happen.

In fact, i did exactly that same sequence (black, then durable) with the old “manual” bucket washing, to no ill effect, apart from a slight tint.

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Thank you

I have used our Form Wash for a few months and have never done any type of separation for resins. I routinely print clear, flexible (black), grey, white, and orange (from color kit). I haven’t noticed any pigment transfer personally. I assume if you saturate the IPA in colors then you will have problems but it is probably similar to saturating it with liquid resin to the point where you don’t get clean prints any more.

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