Why are my linies in this graphic so thick?


i have a problem that i dont unterstand…
that problem

please see this yellow area.

here you see it in a printed version in fdm and my form 2 print which is to thick, but why?

here is the stl file and my preform file, if you want to check…

orville medal v1.stl (424.8 KB)

sorry i cant upload the form file

its only 1,4mb but i get everytime this error

“Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 7168kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then share the link?”

they are not thicker- they are BLURRED.

the form2 projects a laser into photocured resin. The FDM machine squirts out a LINE in a specific X/Y location.

the Form2’s laser has to bounce off of some mirrors, refract thru a glass plate- then refract again thru a plastic and rubber window on the tank, and then refract again thru the clear resin.

dirt, grease, dust or what have you on ANY of these surfaces can cause the laser to refract differently or to even disperse slightly, spreading the beam and resulting in fuzzy and indistinct printing.

this appears to be confined to the center of your print- ergo, check the optical path for thumbprints on the underside of the tank in the middle- or the glass optical bay window, or the mirrors internally.

clean the smudge and the problem should be resolved.

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I have the same feeling as @Sculptingman : the whole part isn’t well defined which would indicate an optical issue rather than a 3D modeling or software one, most likely a clouded tank and if not a stained optical window.

The tank you can check yourself and change if needed. If in doubt, empty it and upload a photo here. If the tank is fine you should contact support, they’ll help you with cleaning the printer.

but this is totally strange… my printer ist leveled correct and that tank has only one cartrige gone… so its new… or how many prints does a tank take before its blind?

and i got the part correct out one week earlier… and nothing happend yet…

and we speak here about a printer with less then 100h work time…
that cant be possible that the inside it dirty or??

How did you post process the part? It looks as if there’s extra cured resin only in gaps, suggesting that excess resin was not sufficiently washed off before post-curing.

normaly put in the bath pot, 10 mins and 10 mins other side like before all…

it might not be burned in- it could simply be DIRTY.

Check the UNDERSIDE of the tank- folks accidentally put fingerprints all over the middle of the clear window all the time.

Check the optical window on the Form2 and look inside the window and check the mirror.

a new tank WON’T have this problem, unless it has something stuck to the surface inside… debris in the resin… or smudges of some kind somewhere in the optical path.

It’s really hard to photograph it but here are the best pictures I can share with you



I had some luck taking pictures of my resin tank with the resin removed and cleaned out of the tank. The pictures were taken at an angle to the surface, with a medium background, no hard light or dark shadows.
With resin in the tank, any smudges or scratches will be hard to see.

I believe somewhere in their tutorials the normal resin tanks need to be changed every 1.5-2 liters. They also said higher resolution speads up clouding. I just bought one and there was noticeable clouding before even a liter was used. They also recommend moving your prints around. Theres a pic of the clouding somewhere in your dashboard.

You need to remove the resin before taking a photo, otherwise there is nothing to see. Just pour the resin in a clean bowl and pour it back in after the shots.

i got today a new tank

in 90 minutes the print is finished and i will see

but i dont understand all the problems… is not so nice as i thought with sla with all that problems…

if you see me post before, i have a problem with a part which where in that tank…

and the told me to take is out…

and then the problem here with that forum… that i cant upload photos which are 2MB!!! not 7mb, and it do not upload…
It annoys me so unbelievably

To see the smears on the underside of the tank or the optical window you need to have it in a dark place with only the surface to be examined lit from a low angle.
It is always surprising and frustrating that a newly cleaned optical wind will appear perfectly clear and bright in the light only to appear almost opaque once installed in the printer which lived in an unlit box.

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