Who is printing? allow access to printer only to people who are logged in?

As of now, anyone can upload a print to a Form2 (same for Form3?) printer via USB or LAN without clear identification.

Having many Students with access to the Printers, it would be super helpful so see who’s printing and to be able to contact them (if they print things they have to pay, if they make mistakes or just to give them advise for their next setup…)

Managing Access to the dashboard via groups is nice, even better would be to manage in the same go the actual access to the printers! Who ever has had introductions to the printer, can be added to a group and then is allowed to print when logged into preform.

Today, we have to relay on the students to either log in (so we can see who’s printing) or to name their prints - and very ofter, they just forget…

If you have multiple Users who can access Printers, how do you deal with that?