Lock remote printing to group only


Is there anyway to lock a form3 so that it can only be used by members of a group?

I’ve found that usersare adding machines to individual dashboards and are able to print leaving the metrics with “Unknown” user which is undesirable.


Hello @sassw -

Thank you for this piece of feedback; it’s currently not a feature but I’ll send along a feature request.

Putting the printer on a separate network (as to remove the ability for other users to see it) is an option but is, understandably, a lot of effort.


Its already on a seperate network. Users are able to walk up to the machine and add it to whatever dashboard they like.

Hello @sassw,

I will put that in the feedback, as well; I know it’s not ideal but the hope is to isolate the printer as best you can. Stopping folk from sending jobs over the network is the goal, at least.

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This has come up as a desired feature here too sassw: Restrict printer access to team members - #16 by agiorgitis


This would be a great feature!

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