Multi User Management

I just updated to PreForm 2.17 and was greeted with a login to my Dashboard account. That’s neat and all, but I also have 4 student workers who use PreForm on their own laptops. I would like a place to share printers with other users and “kick them out” when, for example, they graduate and/or don’t work for me anymore.

I see this topic is similar to but this is different because it adds user management.

Currently, we simply add the IP address of our three Form 2s to each of their laptops and it works fine. I personally get text messages when things happen on the printers. I’d also like to see the print on the Dashboard and “printed by username” to get some accountability.

Thanks, y’all.

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@starbuck Thanks for writing in with your request!

We are still working on expanding our account structure to include user management with an admin account, and this will take several more months.

However, I’m happy to say that you can already do the 2nd thing you requested. If each of your students creates a Dashboard account and logs into that account in PreForm on their laptops, then each job they send from their PreForm will show their name on the job on both the printer and in Dashboard. Furthermore, if anyone wants to receive notifications only on their jobs, they can toggle a setting to do so in the Dashboard Settings.

See attached for how this looks in Dashboard for a printer in our office right now:

Thanks for your reply! We’re getting ready for this upcoming semester and it appears things are working smoothly on the multi-user multi-printer dashboard. The only concerning factor is if someone outside of my student workers just walks up and gets a code from one of the Form 2’s and starts printing with it. Technically they could just use the IP address, too. I think an admin panel would solve this.

Thank you!