White SLS material

Any chance we could see white SLS material in the future for the Fuse? Especially polypropylene. White would be a great basis for dyeing prints, let alone many med device companies want white stuff.

I doubt it because the material is essentially being burned/melted which probably wouldn’t work all that well with a white color.

Materialize offers PA-12 white, so someone out there knows how to do it:

Interesting, maybe the laser isn’t causing burn marks like one may think

yes. If you think about it, it’s not necessary to burn the material, just melt it. Not sure what sort of magic that requires. Would be good to hear a technical explanation from our friends at Formlabs.

Interesting article on a competing product that can print white parts. There’s a bit of an explanation in the text.

And this article came out in 2017!

And a little more research on this, the Natrual Robotics machine mentioned seems to have flopped.

Formlabs seems to prefer grey powders, and I haven’t heard of any plans to release other colors.

You need at minimum a 60w laser to print white material, I guess

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