Rigid black color

Greetings to all 3D SLA print lovers!

Mostly I use a printer to give my circuits a wonderful case that fits well, being able to change it any second of my time and I can’t imagine of a better way to enclose a small number of PCB.

I have been wondering, is it possible to get a second generation of RIGID MAT BLACK??? I think a lot of creators will benefit alot of it.
Comment below if you agree to my suggestion :wink:

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I would also love rigid black. And if they can make it less brittle than rigid white, even better.

I was just thinking this afternoon. How would durable resin with glass fill feel like.

Black would be great though.

This is exactly what I’m looking for.


I’m pretty sure you could use the color kit with Rigid - it includes black pigment. While the color kit in theory is supposed to be used with the color base resin, people have used the pigments with other resins with some success.

We have tried the color kit alredy, but the result is not black but grey… I have tested 2 different pigments near the original form labs color kit, and the result is the same. Not as black as the black V4 resin, no matter how much pigment I add… That’s why I was wondering if the Rigid V2 could be originally black, as its the strongest material they offer. Or am I wrong?

You can not pigment something that is White, black.
You have to pigment something that is fairly clear.
The glass beads are not optically clear- they have a frosted white appearance- like salt. Which is why the rigid is colored white- to hide the glass fill.
Ergo- even if you put them in a resin that is clear- the resin will look milky and never achieve anything but a grey color.
( and be careful about overpigmenting- it can dramatically weaken the resin polymer if there is too much pigment )

Self color is nice- but you can make rigid parts black with a $4 can of acrylic black spray paint and about 8 minutes of your time.

Rigid isn’t the strongest material they offer- its just one of the most dimensionally stable because the fill reduces warpage by reducing shrinkage-
as far as I can tell the strongest material they make is the Draft- that stuff is practically bullet proof.

For a really black rigid- they would have to fill the resin with a black colored material. Black resin already has an issue with laser penetration- a black filler might exacerbate that problem.

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I wonder if you could take cured black resin- Like support structures- grind it into a powder, and mix it into the black resin to achieve a similar result to the Rigid ( though not as pleasingly heavy as the Rigid is )the idea is to have the powder as a matrix within the laser cured resin…?

No, the glass beads are much more rigid than plastic is. It’s a compromised version of fiberglass. The glass gives the rigidity, the plastic acts somewhat as a binder (as I said it’s a compromise, so there is way more plastic than there would be for a good binder.)
Glass bead is a common filler for injection molded plastics as well. From my foggy recollection a little bit of it could add rigidity and wear resistance without having to change the molds and wouldn’t wear them much faster (I think glass fiber made a bigger difference, but wore out molds much more quickly.)