Painting parts

where can I find the process to paint Fuse 1 Nylon 12 parts? I want to paint them white (and I mean white with no see through) to match Powdercoated metal plates that are RAL 9003 (Signal White)


Hi @vahid,

I don’t believe that we have any official painting guides for our SLS materials at the moment, although we do have this post that goes over post-processing SLS parts that includes painting and dyeing.

I personally have found success in using acrylic paints and an airbrush to color some of my models. White in particular usually will need a few layers for an even, opaque coat so be mindful that one coat might not be enough.

Although Formlabs does not officially recommend any particular brand, I have used Vallejo brand paints for my SLA and SLS parts with good success. If you do give it a go, be sure to post back with results so that other users can utilize this post for best practices.