Paint: Alternative to Krylon Fusion (nearly unavailable in continental Europe): ALCLAD 2

I know Formlabs suggests Krylon Fusion Paint for painting a model, or at least had good experience with it.

I tried to buy it in europe, and had no chance. Does not seem to be available in continental europe.

Freight Forwarders typically do not forward non-water based colours / pressurised cans.

As an alternative, I followed some other user suggestions, and tried ALCLAD 2 colours, which are available in USA and europe.

Was very happy with the result, although the photos dont really show how it looks in reality.

(example difference between normal paint and semi matte paint)

Found this old colour pieces I made long time ago and share it.

Have tons of other alclad 2 colours (and also Vallejo Model air colors) to evaluate, but at the moment unfortunately no time.

Very cool and useful, Martin. Thanks! We do use Krylon paints in-house, often, but we have had success with a variety of different brands. Most paints designed for use with plastics seem to do well.