Plastic Primer and Paints - What is available in your area?

Hi painters and artists! There have been a few awesome posts showing off painted projects, so I wanted to start a discussion about the best paints/primers to use with our resin.

Paints meant for plastics and UV nail polish (you can cure it in place with a nail spa) work well and are resistant to abrasion.
Sometimes, though, I want to use acrylic or water based paints and achieve the same abrasion resistance.

I have used:
Krylon plastic primer
Rust-Oleum plastic primer
and I am about to try Montana plastic primer

I have successfully used acrylic paint on top of the plastic primers.
Roscoe works but I usually mix it with a clear medium which helps with adhesion and I have not tested the abrasion resistance.

I am often asked if gesso works, and it probably depends on the type of gesso (acrylic or oil). I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for sure.

What has worked for you?

I generally swear by Vallejo primers when I’m using brushes or an airbrush. I’m not sure about their abrasion resistance though!

I’ve had really good results with Krylon and Rust-Oleum spray paints as well. I have some Montana plastics primer on order, so I’m excited to play around with that!

Nothing i’ve tried thus far is very resistant to abrasion, but some are worse than others.
In general, acrylics chip, lacquer based paints rub off. Enamel paints fare best, so far, but stay slightly tacky for a very long time.

The best colours i ever had was German ELITA Paints.
All RAL colours, in gloss, and semi-gloss.
And the best - no dry out over years !
You have to try it :wink:

wohoho this IS my expertise, I come from the world of miniature painting, so in my experience there are two rules to follow before you even try anything:

1- Make sure the part is clean. Clean with a de-greaser (I use just soapy warm water, rinse well afterwards)
2- Make sure it is completely dry.

Krylon primer is crazy good. Try also camouflage paints by krylon, they have a lot of “tooth” for paints. For me: Acrylics is the only choice, they handle too well. But you must always protect them afterwards, There are matt and shiny primers out in the market: I use an airbrush one by vallejo.

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