How well does Durable resin take, primer and paint

I am wondering how successfully you can paint durabel resin. With water based model paints for plastic? I have ysed this type of paint on sintered nylon with good results.

I think this will depend a bit on the actual brand of paint and how well the part is cured.

Parts that are not fully cured do not paint well with water based paints. I would normally start with at lease a very light coat of primer.

You might try Krylon Fusion - it is specifically made to paint plastics such as polypropylene, etc. While I haven’t used it myself, there have been some good reports that it flexes with the material well and gives a nice finish.

You MUST use a primer first. I’ve has the best results with self etching spray primer. Then any paint should stick. Without it, the paints want to peel.

Thanks for those replies

Intricate, was that a water based pint you used?

I’ve used both after the primer. I airbrush Poyltranspar paint (VanDyke Taxidermy Supply) with fantastic results. No peal, no chip.

Was the primer water based?

Sorry for the delay as I did not have it on hand. It is an oil based automotive self etching primer.

Thank you