White resin prints well, Black prints horribly. what's wrong?

When we first bought our Form 2 we experimented with many resins (clear, black, high impact) with full success. After a while though we realized that plain old white worked fine for 97% of what we produced, so we have been running just white resin for at least a full year. Parts are smooth, beautiful and accurate.

Last month, we had a project where we needed black parts. We ordered a new tray and new black V4 resin and started to print. They came out really bad. The steps were really obvious and coarse, parts were warped and not accurate. They were a mess. We ended up giving the tray and resin to a colleague with another Form 2. They came out perfect on his machine.

Anyone know what could be causing this?



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Black resin is the most difficult to print and will immediately show problems if your optical path is dirty or contaminated in any way. You probably need to clean all your glass optical surfaces as well as the mirrors and galvos.

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I’ve been printing with white for 2+years now. I gave a try to the black resin once. The print quality was much worse. Even being pretty methodical with resin handling was not sufficient. Tolerance not great, surface finish not smooth… I’m curious to know why.

I had same problem two weeks ago. If you place the products tightly on platform, prints won’t be come out. I think that’s about the laser transmissivity of resins. I tried the same program with two different resin. The prints came out with white resin. I had an error with black resin.

I had the same problems since black and gray V4 . The supports wobble like silkon. I suspect this is due to compability to Form3

I switched to gray pro what works perfect.