Where to get R&R Plasticast in Europe? + Large sprue base & flask

I’m looking for a place where I can buy R&R Plasticast in Europe. Unfortunately Amazon.co.uk is out of stock and they say they don’t know when and if they will have it in stock again.

If I choose to buy from Gesswein.com, the estimated shipping costs are over $500,- for shipping to Europe :dizzy_face:

Hopefully someone in Europe has managed to find a retailer which sells Plasticast for an acceptable price!



Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it still asks for €70 shipping costs which is more than the price of the product. But I’ll check out other Italian websites tp see if they have a better offer!

I’m also looking for sprue bases and casting flasks iin which I’ll be able to cast a large print (covering most of the build platform (10x10x10cm = 4x4x4inch). Obviously not solid. But it’ll be approx that size. any idea where I can find these? It’s difficult to translate these items into proper dutch words. Seems that a direct tanslation is not the common name.

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