Where is the leveling tool and USB cord?

I unpacked everything that came with my Form 2, both boxes. I found the power cord all by itself but didn’t find the leveling tool or the USB cable. All the boxes I found where opened and unpacked.

I have my old USB cable already hooked up but the leveling tool looks like something necessary before I power up the unit. They mention it in the Quick Setup Guide but don’t tell you where to find it. Which box or location did you find it so I can go back and search?

Hm - that’s troubling. The leveling tool and USB are both packed and shipped in the small “accessory” box that rests on the foam above the printer. Unlike the power cables (which the location varies by region), all printers should have the small cardboard box with the leveling tool and USB at the top. Did you find a small box on top of the printer? If not, please let us know so that we can arrange replacements.

Nope, wasn’t there, just the power cord. I’ll have to let them know.
Thanks Stephen

One last issue, for now that is. I have the first job running and I was going to try and follow it on the Dashboard On-Line. But I need a unique 4 digit number that’s suppose to come from the printer display, from what I gather. Not on the display and not there when I hit the “i” button for info on the print. So, where is it? [grin]

Its in a submenu setting on the printer.
On the printer touchscreen press the ‘printer icon’ (bottom left) then go to ‘settings’ and then to ‘register to dashboard’. This will display you a 4 digit number that you then enter online. Make sure you printer is connected to the internet or it wont work.

Can this be done while it’s printing or only when in idle mode? Don’t want to screw up the first print.
Just answered my own question. The print icon isn’t there while printing so I’ll have to wait until 5pm. [grin] Thanks.

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