When placing an online order, why am I

not getting the latest item numbers for the latest resin cartridges?

I tried placing an order today for a liter of Clear, a liter of Black, a liter of Tough and a liter of Flexible. When my “Review Order” page came up, the numbers for these resin cartridges were the previously ones (with older numbers than what showed up on Formlabs website). I want the new resins, not the older ones. And if they are trying to push the older resins out before the new ones, then why am I paying full price for the older cartridges? Has anyone else come across this?

Guess I’ll have to call in my order…

The change in resin formulation codes definitely doesn’t sound right. Not sure where you are, but from the North American Store, I am able to start from my cart and reach the Review Order page with GPCL03, TOTL02 and GPBK02, the respective latest formulations for Clear Resin, Tough Resin, and Black Resin. Are you looking at the one liter cartridges for the Form 2? If you’re still seeing the problem, can you confirm what formulation codes you are seeing in the store, when you first add to cart and then from Order Review?

Hello Stephen,

Yes, I was ordering from the North American store and started my order from the Form 2 consumables web page. The one item that first caught my eye was that the Clear Resin cartridge item code on the “Review Page” of my order was GPCL02 (which was the previous formulation code). That’s when I noticed the formulation codes for the Tough and Black resin cartridges were also the previous ones.

Caylee emailed me this morning that she would have someone look into the online ordering website. I gave it one more go this afternoon and was able to order the correct and up-to-date resin cartridges with no issues. I just wanted to let you know that whatever problems I was having are no longer there.

Thanks for your quick response and concern regarding my online ordering issue and have a good day!

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Glad we could help sort out the resin order for you. Thanks, Tom.

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