When Changing Resing from Grey 3 to Grey 4 what is the process

I ran out of Grey 3 at the start of a print (probably layer 1 or 2), ordered and received Grey 4 (not sure if I had a choice of 3 or 4). Printer balked at printing after an abort and restart, but appeared to be okay once the V3 Print was deleted. The PreForm app is giving me notice that Grey 3 is not compatible with Grey 4, do I dump the rest of Grey 3 or ???


I’ll CC you something I wrote a while back. This is a bit more information thank you need right now but hey, now you’re covered :

Some versions of some resins can be mixed, some can’t. See This Topic for a compatibility listing.

If you are in the situation where the new version can be mixed with the older version you have, you can simply toss the old cartridge when it’s empty and replace it with the new one. Upon starting a new print, the printer will display a warning stating that the two resins (tank and cartridge) are not the same, you can override that warning and the tank will now be registered with the new version, even though you still have some old resin in it.

If the two versions can’t be mixed, you can print small stuff until there isn’t enough resin in the tank for the print to succeed, and then you have no choice but to toss the rest of the old resin. From then on you can either clean the tank by hand and use it with the new resin (same thing as before, you will have a warning that you can override), or you can toss the tank and replace it with a new one.

@Frew : You guys are overdue for an official release on this matter, I know you’re working on changing the resin numbering system but this issue is popping up regularly :wink:

Thanks, for the info, from what I am reading V4 Grey is compatible with V3 Grey which is what I have in my tank. That it is mixable…but what about the Preform notice, do I ignore it? This needs to change.

If your resin is compatible you can ignore every warning and your tank will then be registered with the new resin.

Don’t forget set the newest resin in Preform before sending the code to the printer.

John, from your reply earlier and the link to compatibility (my read that it compatible) then I appear good to go, am I reading the compatibility line correctly?


Just an addition note FL has stated that, typically, one version updates in resin tend to be compatible for the most part.

This is absolutely not the case. It depends on why they changed the versions.

As stated before, they might just have changed a supplier for a component, but are still using the same formulation therefore it’s basically the same resin. Or they might have optimized the actual chemical composition of the resin and therefore can not maintain compatibility. They might also have gone back to an older formulation because the current one wasn’t giving them satisfaction. All three cases have happened in the past so there’s really no rule.

The only official source of information is the forum threads announcing the new version, and rkagerer made a list of those in the thread I linked yesterday.

It will be fine to mix them. When I ran out of V3 I put in a V4. I think I have to tell it I had cleaned the V3 from the tank. I didn’t. Everything worked fine.

Thanks guys, I will go with they are compaticle, and now and start printing again now that I am home.


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