What the h*ll should I print?

I have had my printer for a couple months now, and quite frankly I LOVE IT. When i use it. I essentially have nothing to print though. I havent seen any threads on “just print this cool thing”
While I know its expensive to use FL resin to print random stuff, why not? Im bored…
I really really need to find some way to get in to truly finishing a project with paint, and detail etc… I have such MAD respect for those that can finish a prop.

Head over to one of the free share sites and pick something out…

Thingiverse, 3d content central to name a couple

One of those lattice work type of models looks fun as a desk sculpture. The Eiffel tower looks interesting to me as well. The Yoda head was the first thing I printed just to test the fidelity and resolution out

HOWEVER…Want something really neat though.

There is an artist named Theo Jensen in the Netherlands, who creates these amazing self propelled sculptures called Strand Beests. Do a search on this. They are incredible. Almost alive…


Anyhow there are some miniature 3D printer friendly versions out there that people have made. Search around for one of those and you will have a blast.

Adam Savage has made a few kit forms of these on Tested.

But you could print your own…

I have seen shapeways mentioned to get it

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It seems like ive essentially reached the end the internet of things :slight_smile:

those strand beasts are awesome… totally something id like to do… now the search begins

I’ll also throw a plug for Pinshape.com, another platform for sharing 3D files. Formlabs shares a lot of our own original content on Pinshape, and we’ve configured the site to also host .form files. Check it out when you have a chance!

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for those of you that paint ur resin models, or filament models… what type of paint do you use? id like to get a set of paints and some brushes so I can actually start bringing some of these things to life.

I’m curious myself.

I heard that the Tamiya Hobby spray primer [grey] and spray can paints are very good quality.

I’m planning on making a few reproduction automotive trim pieces, and I’m planning on using the tough material hit with some form of paint and semi gloss clear coat but I’m not sure what product to use for that.

Generally for different plastics in that situation I use SEM branded products which I assume will work with the resin but I’m not 100% sure.

That may not be a good option for model making… my plans is just to make black and tan parts with durable coating…

I have some spraypaint, but im more looking for small bottles and brushes to do detail etc… Ive never painted in my life. i have NO IDEA what i would need.

Grey car primer and artists acrylics.

what about airbrushing? this dude is SICK… this lightsaber is insane… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj1kgFHo3sU

this seems super hard, but maybe worth trying.

For painting. Could you give some more info on what you are printing

My approach would be different on something like small figurine worrk verses a larger more utilitarian object or product prototype type of part

just kind of a general print… some figures, some cosplay masks perhaps… gadgets, toys, figurines, masks, you name it :slight_smile:

flat black paint and wax his work very well I have a small video on 3D resin printer on Facebook this is Doctor Strange’s cape brooches

All in acrylic,some handbrushed, some airbrushed:

Those strandbeests are awsome, I ordered a kit immediately after seeing the video on Tested. I would very much like to decouple the two segments and mount two DC motors that runs randomly to be able to use it properly in the lunch room at my office.

To take another one from Adam Savage, why not print Deckard’s blaser from Blade Runner. The model is a fairly complex build but there is a full assembly guide available. The blaser prop a relatively easy one to start painting also - some acrylic paints (black, silver and brown) and a primer is all you really need to get started.

Ok It has been a couple of weeks lets see what you made

I wish i can say anything… I havent used the printer since this post. I did have a full replacement of my surface pro 4 + desktop gaming PC into a single gaming laptop, new dual monitors etc which has taken some time.
Really nothing has struck me yet that I want to invest in resin cost etc. I want to be passionate about whatever I do, and im lacking that at the moment