What should my first print be?

Now that my printer is here and resin in route, what should my first print be? Should I print something simple or go for it with something complex?

I am definitely not trying any of my models yet, but any suggestions would be welcome.

Start with something simple. You’re more likely to be successful. And you’re going to be anxious to check out whatever it is you decide to print. A large model takes longer to print. You’ll hate yourself for kicking off the first run with something that’s 1000 layers…

Formlabs troubleshooting test print ! Make sure it works !

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Great idea. I received mine on Monday and had the same issue, what first?.. I made a small whistle last night and right now printing a “Hodor” door stop for giggles. Amazing, amazing, amazing quality, and so simple to use. I’ll try a “test” print next to measure “official” quality, but so happy with it already.


I like the hodor door stop idea! I hope my resin gets here soon, I have it set up in my office and its killing me to look at it not doing anything! I guess the troubleshooting test print would be a good place to start. Thanks for the advice.

So I went for the Millennium Falcon from Thingiverse. I made is %50 of the original and it turned out amazing.

for my first print i tried a complex 18 hour model of the pal time machine. i wanted to test the limits of the FL2
although the print failed what it did print was amazing!

the details that printed showed me what was possible and helped withe future models.

The detail is amazing I have to say that the two prints I have done both have amazing detail.

I recognize that curing jar! Underwater cure. Nice. :slight_smile:

It looks much cooler without the camera flash.

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Yes that jar is brilliant, I love how easy it was to set up and you cant beat the price. I have noticed mine gets pretty warm after 8 hours or so. My printer has been going all weekend long. Thanks for the idea!

what are the details on the curing jar?

This is post I used to get my Jar set up.