First print (Castable Resin)

This is an image of my very first print job in my UV curing jar, many thanks to @Randy_Cohen for posting his design.

I used the create duplicate function to create copies of 4 parts for printing. Before I made the copies I checked for support faults, I did an auto generate for supports, and everything was fine. After I started the print I noticed a few light red areas on the copies that weren’t highlighted on the original uploads. Unfortunately these resulted in failed prints. Has anyone else seen this happen?

I don’t understand how a copy of a model that’s fine has a support issue.

Anyway, the failed prints will give me samples to practice cleaning and polishing in preparation for casting later in the month. I’m in the process of setting up a jewellery casting workshop and want to use the Formlabs to create castable models from clients stl files.


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I just love the “Electron Microscope” look of parts when they’re inside the curing jar. Very “spacey”!


like spinning into a black hole!

You could print these on canvases and sell it as fine art!!

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