What it the best Way to print this?


i have to print this file:


but all ways i find, the support is in the fine details

also preform says everytime its not printable… hope you can read it, i did find a way how i switch preform to english…

is there somethingwrong?

so which kind of support and parameters would you choose?

looks like you may have some bad geometry in the model… those odd streaks of red look like planes in the model.
In the bottom image you can see the ghost of planes extending from each of the holes thru the transverse bar.
These are showing up as unsupported minima because those planes are discontiguous.

At least- that’s my best guess.

I would orient even taller so that you might eliminate supports on the ribbed rim of the circular end pieces.

But the red streaks should not be there if the model is a properly watertight solid. Whatever app you modeled it in- check for duplicate surfaces or co-planar polygons or surfaces that are not part of the overall model.

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Yes, there appears to be an issue with your model. If I open it in MeshMixer, there’s an entire side missing:

PreForm will have tried to repair that when it loaded the model, but with that big a hole it probably did something goofy during the repair.

Here is a fixed version of the STL. While it still requires minor fixing when it’s imported into PreForm, it will no longer have the issues you see above.

i just found out that i also can make a print, wenn the circle is crossed out and it says its not printable!!!

and i did with the part above…

but this came now out…

thats no support, thats hard material…

is this the failure, which cames, if i print a file, which is not printable in preform?!?

stange i did not know that there is a mistake in, i made the cad file an, this rills on the round parts have to be renew, but normale ot a mistake…

my problem and question, was more to find a good way of support…

this is also no complete stl file, i gave you onle a part, which i made a cut with netfab

yes yours came out correct.

I think the part might not have enough stability with the supports, but also those crazy lines are probably due to a mesh error.

I would agree, the error is the model not the printing, that should be quite printable. To fix the model;

  1. Try Autodesk Meshmixer which is a free mesh utility from Autodesk,
  2. DXF AutoCAD imports/exports can create a terrible amount of necessary geometry…confusing Preform.

We use AutoDesk Fusion 360 for our 3D CAD design and it creates .STL directly quite well.


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