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What is Error 1 (Error Code 1)?


In my last two print jobs across two different Form 3 printers, I’ve encountered Error Code 1. In the first instance it prevented me from printing a cleaning mesh. In the second instance it interrupted a print that was maybe around 10 layers in. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to what has gone wrong.


Just found same Error Code 1 here, only some layers printed out…


me too, did any one get an answer as to what it is?
My printer doesn’t seem to be heating up to 31 deg c any more so wondering if they are related.


Support team reply: “Error 1 is a simple error code - it is a broken file. Simply regenerate the supports in PreForm and reload to the printer and it should work fine.”


I just got an error code 1 too, print stopped halfway through. Adaptive layers might have been on but I don’t remember for sure.


Just happened again to a print I wanted to complete over the weekend. What a waste of time- you would think these printers were more reliable for the cost.


Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this issue! We’re tracking it internally, but the best thing to do to get help as efficiently as possible is to get in touch with our support team.

They’ll be more than happy to investigate your situation more closely so we can figure out what might be going on!