What happened to Version 3 Resins?


I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere. A quick search of the forums did not return an answer.

Our lab has four Form1+, and a single Form2, which we are using with great success.

Many months ago, we purchased a few Form2 cartridges (and maybe a few Form1 bottles?) of Version 3 Clear resin. When trying to replace them, we saw that Form 3 is no longer stocked in the store. What happened?

One of my labmate’s prints on the Form2 is currently paused because the levels are low, but we cannot replenish them with Version 3. I don’t think resin mixing may have many deleterious effects, but I would prefer not to.

Can somebody explain what happened? Were V3’s recalled?

-Thank you

We ran into a few manufacturing issues with Clear V3 and it was discontinued. We’re committed to making the best possible versions of our resins which means sticking to V2 for now.

Resin mixing generally isn’t recommended as it can cause some interesting effects and failures. There are a number of forum users that report good results mixing different formulations but they do so at their own risk. The best and safest option is probably to restart the print.