Why Formlabs Store Shows CL02 Although There is a New CL03 Resin?

Hi all,

Yesterday I was in the process of buying my supplies of resins from Formlabs store but I noticed that they are selling CL02 although they introduced new formulations of resins including CL03 which is supposed to be better when it comes to the yellowing that happens over time.

Any ideas why can’t we get the new CL03 resin?

Anyone? Any ideas?

Thanks for asking about the resin versions. The availability of different material formulations sometimes depends on changes in supply chain. Based on the webstore’s availability, CL02 is what we’re able to produce currently. Both Clear Resins - in fact all of our available products - are great materials, so feel free to place an order for clear whenever you’re ready to restock. If you find yellowing to be a concern, you can use a UV spray coating to prevent the long-term effect of UV exposure. Make sure to select the version you’re using in PreForm before uploading the file to print.

So… What’s the likely outcome when my printer declares it’s out of CL03 mid-print and all you can supply is CL02?

My thoughts exactly. Really hoping they at least let you resume a print/disable the wiper or something for that last 300 ml

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