What do you think caused this fail?

I purchased my printer to mainly do small in house prototyping for automotive parts. After printing out a bunch of random parts with some success and alot of fails. Some my fault I admit.

I decided to print something fun. I found this turbo on thingiverse and thought it was cool so I went for it.

The print almost came out perfect till the end. I have had other items do the same thing. Want to get some opinions on what could cause this.

The rest of the print really came out well.

Printed on black .05 and the recommended preform settings.

It’s hard to guess from that picture but a few possibilities:
-Resin settled IE not well mixed
-Placement; less force near hinge side
-Orientation; angles angles angles! Keep features un-parrelel to the build platform as much as possible
-Thickness; Thicker = more peel force Hollow out whenever possible.
All just educated guess on my part and I hope you start getting better results!

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Thanks, I appreciate it. So far my prints are hit or miss. Its a work in progress I guess.

Sometimes its just weird. I will print 3 identical models at the same time. Same orientation etc. 1 will fail and the other 2 will come out perfect.

What did you mean by not well mixed? Did not shake the bottle well?

No prob! It is a very tricky and very touchy process! I’m on my fourth printer and my success rate is still not so good.
When it works like its supposed to its wonderful! That just isn’t as often as I would like!
Yes the bottle needs shook very well first but also the resin in the tank between prints or after sitting.
Although it is more time consuming I have better luck with only one or two parts at a time and they always work best closer to the hinge side where there is less peel force.
Auto orient is a good reference but after time you’ll get the hang of or feel for angling stuff best.

I did a reprint of the same model. Its printing right now. I changed it up a bit, I increased the size about 20% and changed the layout. Its got another 6 hours to go. We will see what happens.

I blew the dust off the main mirror with my NEW Giottos rocket air blaster , scrapped the resign tank ( get some air to the silicone) and cleaned the bottom of the tank with with some novus polish.

I stopped using ipa on the build platform. Now I just use the blue shop towels to wipe it off. They produce alot less dust than normal paper towels I was using.

Sounds like you’ve been doing your homework!
All good procedures that I also follow.