Why is this build failure happening?

I really need this device, but I just cannot make it print my stuff!
As of today, 8.23.2014 I have the latest firmware and software, and the machine is brand new (3 days old).
Default settings, or me trying to ‘improve’ it have all failed miserably.



Maybe you could post a picture of what that is supposed to look like, because we really can’t tell what is missing. Right away it seem like there could possibly be a large flat area facing the platform? That would cause pealing problems. It might be a thick object, that can cause resin flow problems, but there should be a way to print it. A screenshot would help a lot. Also, as Monger pointed out on another thread, if you don’t shake the bottle enough you risk messing up the formulation. Just some basic ideas to get you on the right path faster.

Christopher - send us a message to support@formlabs.com and we can help you out. It would be useful for us to have the .STL file you are attempting to print.

With large thick models, orientation is everything. It’s important not to block resin flow, which can cause blow out failures. It also looks like you have some shifting on the platform.

It turned out I have the infamous ‘horked galvo’ issue, and I sent my printer back last week for replacement. It never produced a usable print, and I burned through almost a liter of resin trying. My expectation is that will be replaced, but no comment on that from Support yet. Printer got back there last week, but still no update on when my new one will get here. It was a holiday weekend, so I realize there may be some backlog to overcome. Hopefully someone in Support can send me a quick update today sometime on when I will get the new one though.

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If they replace your resin let me know.