Weird bug

I’ll walk through exactly what I did to make this happen:

  • imported a bunch of .obj files
  • set them all up for tough resin
  • saved the file
  • printed them
  • shutdown preform and windows.
    ** next day **
  • started windows, and preform
  • selected black @ 100um during startup
  • loaded previous file which was in tough, it assumed it should be black now, and color changed to show that.
  • I did a save as, and deleted all but one object
  • edited the supports on that object
  • went to layout, duplicated object so now there are two of the same object.
  • saved the file
  • went over to the printer and plugged in its USB cable into the windows box so I could print.
  • went back to the windows machine, and WTF!?
    ** All supports were gone!
    ** resin changed back to old setting of tough @ 50um

Plugging in the printer reverted my file in a very odd way. I then chose ‘new’ from file menu, did not save file before clearing workspace. I re-opened the file again (I had saved it just before plugging in the printer), and voila, it was fine, saved in black@100 with all supports just as I had created them. The printer was plugged in when I re-opened the file. I hit print, and it’s now printing.

What the heck was that all about?

  • The printer had not been turned off since the last print.
  • I always only plug the printer in to send data to the printer.


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