Wedding Cake Topper

Printed and painted a 5 inch VW Convertable Buggy for my sister’s wedding cake. The process was pretty simple, I tried to break everything down into as many manageable pieces as possible and put it all together afterward. This project was a lot of fun and probably took me around 30 hours to complete.

Finished model first.

Sculpted as a whole and then separated the Buggy into several pieces.

Little Bride and Groom figures, these were somewhat rushed, but ultimately printed out great.

Printed and started piecing everything together.

Base yellow coat and then started painting.


A Masterpiece! Any chance of a shot with it on the cake?

Yes! Sorry, I actually didn’t take a picture and had to ask around, haha.


Great work, I bet they were really pleased with it :slight_smile:

wonderful !

I’m so glad you shared this project with the process photos! I also made a wedding cake topper earlier this year for my sister and brother-in-law. Gotta say - with the car and paint job, yours takes the cake! :slight_smile:

Mine was created by scanning their heads and modeling onto an existing bride/groom, dress/tux file. @adriantanner did the modeling revisions, then I printed and painted the topper solid white. My mom’s reaction was priceless: “I can’t believe it actually looks like them!”


Amazing jobs!!

Loved them both!!

Nicely done! :smiley: With what program have you created this masterpiece? My girlfriend and I are planning a wedding on 2 december 2017. Just got into 3D printing and looking forward to learn and explore as much as possible to do a lot of the work our-self :couple_with_heart:

ps: that cake really looks delicious!


Totally Darling, thats just perfect!

Great looking print!

What did you end up gluing the prints together with? Just crazy glue, or something else?

Great job! Love the paint job.

Sorry for the long delay, I use Maya and ZBrush.

For glue, I think I used Crazy Glue, but it wasn’t perfect and used an epoxy for gap closures.

Great work guys! I am sure both your sister was pretty happy with their wedding cake. As we all know that the wedding cake is a centrepiece of any couple’s big day. Nowadays the wedding cake has become more and more an intricately sculpted piece of art that wows guests with more texture, colour, and inventiveness than any other time. Recently I have attended a friend’s wedding ceremony at The Addison where the wedding cake was having a clay topper with a replica of the bride and groom. The cake looked amazing.

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Nice work so far. Thank you!