Thanks to FORMLABS for a successful 3D Printed Engagement Ring! She loves it!

Hi Formlabs and other users,

I’ve been working on a secret blog for the past 4 months while designing an engagement ring for my girlfriend, Christine.

She didn’t see it coming.

The FORM 1+ we have at work was an awesome tool to use for prototyping. My friend Scott who works in jewelry design helped me with his knowledge of rings and their parameters.

I made 3 rounds of prototypes before sending it off to be cast. I know there is a castable resin, but we have a connection that can help us out.

Anyhow, the ring turned out beautifully. She loves it. It’s a fantastic place holder for the real thing while we have it cast.

Here’s a link to the blog post with the ring just printed and prepped for proposal:) … I have the real stones in place but ended up printing all the stones and dying the two sapphire stones blue for the proposal.

We are very very excited.

Anyhow, thanks for a great product:) Happy to spread the word!



Congrats! Had this idea in mind myself, when the time comes :wink:

Congrats Richard!


I’m sure the ring is wonderful – but it’s you that she loves!