Calling All Jewelers: Show Us What You Can Do!

Are you a jewelry designer, manufacturer, or retailer? Do you print 3D prototypes of your work, either for customers or for casting (or both)? This forum is for you!

Please share your experiences, projects, and especially your photos right here – we love to see the beautiful pieces you create for your clients.

Jewelers across the industry, this is your chance to show off your hard work and chat with fellow professionals about your ideas. Let your wonderful work shine!

Personal Introduction: my name is Caylee, and I’m a former independent retail jeweler, now working for Formlabs! I have my AJP from the GIA, and am working to finish up my GG this year. I used to do it all – sales, custom, inventory planning/control/entry, store buying, quality control, training, etc. – but now I’m here to help the jewelry industry embrace 3D printing as the next wave of modern business. Feel free to say hello!


Here are some rings, finished product photos, that Stephen from Upington Jewellers in South Africa has printed on the Form1+


Hi Great images, would it be possible to share the unfinished output from the form1+ or form2?

Like these? These are from a Form1+


These are gorgeous Eve, thanks so much for sharing! If you’d ever like to post more, please feel free :smile:

Do you happen to know if the purple stones in the picture above are amethyst or purple sapphire (or something else)?

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Here are a couple of walking canes I’ve made up using form 1+ there composit assembled the faces and skulls are cast in bronze with the cartable resin.



Hi Caylee
Its a Tanzanite, very popular stone here in SA. It has its origins in Tanzania. It is one of my favourite colored stones.
warm regards

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These are fascinating! It looks like the bronze cast beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

Tanzanite, of course! I knew it would be whatever I didn’t list :slight_smile: They’re so vivid, with beautiful color!

man these look great! I would love to cast things in metal but I don’t really have the equipment or know-how to do so :stuck_out_tongue: maybe one day. for now I cast in resin which lets me have different colors and effects so there’s a good side to that.

here is the galactic spider necklace I made using my form 1+ for the master.

I was thinking about taking classes for jewlery casting but I don’t even know how much all the equipment will cost, does anyone have any ideas?


Sasha, this spider necklace is fantastic! I am always amazed by the creativity of Formlabs’ customers. Do you have an online store for your pieces?

thank you so much! yes, I have an etsy and I also make sculptures with my form 1+ that you can see here

Keep these beautiful images coming, ladies and gents! I know our Formlabs world of designers is expanding daily, and we love to see what you create!

I like what you did with the drooping chain on the spider @sasha_katcher. I’ve never seen that before. Cool.

thank you! can’t remember where I got that idea but I’d love to try more things like it :slight_smile:

I’ve been mainly using the from2 for

prototyping, but I did print the alligator pendant in the castable resin.

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Love the gator! It looks like these are coming out really beautifully for you. Are you using grey to prototype, or something else?

My first casting machine was a steel 5mm plate mounted on four springs with a hole in the centre which was attached to a vacuum pump I got out of a skip. If it cost $5 I would be surprised. It worked and I did useable casting with it but outgrew it. Now 40 years later my professional casting machine cost $20,000 so I guess i am saying that you can spend as little or as much as you want. look on the Riogrande website for casting equipment.

wow, thats cool. I might look around for something :smiley: if I come up with any good ideas :slight_smile: and definitely checking out that site, thanks!