First Print a pair of Fairy Garden Adirondack Chairs


Form 1 came yesterday the 27th one day earlier than expected based on initial tracking estimate. Although the Finishing kit arrived today as expected. Setup was fast after reading the guides. Filled the tank with resin. OK now what to print first?? My wife was a little concerned when I backed the Form 1 project. She wanted to know what in the world I would be doing with such an expensive “toy”. I kept looking for things I could make with it that she would appreciate. Every time I came up with something else I would say now if I just had my 3D printer I could make … As the ship date kept slipping it became a bit of a joke. Well the joke is over and the printer is here in all its glory. So what to print to make good on all my promises? My wife has a small Fairy Garden she put together on the back deck in a large flower pot. The Chairs in it were made of wood and apparently they did not use water proof glue because after a couple months the chairs fell apart. When I saw that I told her if I had a 3D printer I could make you a pair that would not fall apart. So that was my first print project and they came out looking great! Used the default setup and build settings. Started it about 9PM last night. The build took about 5 hours and 45 minutes. So they were ready this morning and looked good on the platform however I had no isopropyl alcohol to wash them off so they sat there. I found the local Granger supply stocked gallon bottles of 99.8% isopropyl. So I placed a will call order that I picked up at lunch. I did not have the finishing kit but I could not wait. So I filled a tupper ware container with the alcohol and used an old catsup squeeze bottle for rinsing.  Here are some photos showing the results and the process I used to remove the part from the build platform.  I did not have the putty knife from the kit however I did have a razor scraper that worked great on the build platform.


So cute! You are going to have some very happy fairies…and wife ; )


These look great! One thought: if you’re planning on putting these outside, you might want to give them a couple coats of any UV-resistant clear acrylic-friendly spray. We use a variety of brands in the office frequently (Rustoleum Gloss Clear), and they work pretty well.