Website Materials navigation a bit of a mess

Site looks great, I haven’t much at all to say about the presentation, well done.
The navigation once a user gets to the Materials section is fine until I select a specific material, I’ll use Tough-1500 for an example.
On that page it is very easy to purchase but if I want any other specific information regarding that material there is zero ( as far as I can see ) in-page information or links/flyouts/dropdowns.
Instead you have to fish around, ending up in the support section then sift drop downs until you find the information for that material.
Not the end of the world haha but not an optimal user experience layout.
Ease of Access paradigm should rule all here.
There should be in-page info for each material. All the info regarding use of a material should be presented on it’s landing page or at least provide nav to its specs/cure and so on.


I agree. The formlabs webpages superficially look nice, but they’re a disaster once you want to do anything.

I stopped using their webpages some time ago. The experience that led me to go somewhere else was I was shopping for resin. I thought I had purchased some F3 resin, but when the final bill came to me by e-mail it clearly stated it was F2 resin, althought I had purchased the resin by following links for materials specific to the F3.

Which resins have different version for the F2 & F3?

My understanding is that both printers, and the 3L, use the same resin.

Hey there!

Really appreciate the feedback, and I’ll absolutely pass it up the chain! It’s always a balancing act between usability and aesthetic value and it’s certainly possible we don’t hit that balance exactly right every time, so thanks again for your opinions!