User Guide

Is a pdf version of the support section (User Guide) available?
I know I can copy and paste (without the pretty pictures though) or anyone can just open the website on the support section which is what I do but labs in certain countries (cough! Japan…) still require printed operating procedures and
I don’t have the motivation to write new documents if it is readily available.

You know how certain manufacturer’s have those manuals for their products which you can download, that’s what I am looking for.
If formlabs has it, that would be great!!


We’re a little tentative to offer an official support guide because our support pages are always evolving. What we did do (I don’t know whether this was intentional or not) was format the support pages on our website in such a way that they print to PDFs nicely. If you go to any of the support pages and right click to print the page, it will create a nicely formatted PDF for you with all the images. Keep in mind that they are continuously being updated so it’s possible that saved guides become out-of-date.

Thanks Frew!
Will try this out.
It’s ok, will just print the latest version and update accordingly.
The guide just has to be there for occupational safety purposes in our labs especially during annual inspections.