Formlabs Design Guide

Working in concert with the Formlabs engineering team, we have created The Formlabs Design Guide.

The Design Guide is a series of guidelines that will help you create designs to print on your Formlabs Form 1 or Form 1+.

Download the design guide as a PDF here


Nice job guys, very usefull.

Very nice job on the design guide.

However, why not instead of the renderings, show the actual parts printed on the form1+?

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Very nice, thank you.

Printed 2-1 double sided, and laminated so it will survive longer around my Form work area. *

I will be printing a second copy in color. Thanks Form!

  • That’s not my work area. Ha. It’s stainless steel where my Form is for easy cleanup … although, a granite table with the Form machine would look very pleasing, I imagine.